As a user, I want to go back to the previous page (instead of the Confluence home) when canceling a created page

When creating page using the add-page via form macro, clicking the close button instead of the save button will go back to the homepage of the confluence instead of the page from which we created the page from.

This feature request is to redirect to the previous page, rather than the Confluence homepage.

  • Immanuel Siagian
  • Dec 5 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
Hosting platform Server
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  • Admin
    Shared ServiceRocket commented
    27 May, 2021 10:00am


    Thanks for raising this idea.

    After researching more about this behavior, we found out that going back to the homepage of the Confluence instead of the page from which the page was created from, is the default behavior when cancelling a draft page in native Confluence itself. Since Linking depends on native Confluence behavior, we might have limited options for implementing this feature request.

    We will update here when there are any updates.

    Thank you!

    Monique - PM

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