Linking to support CQL Search

I want to ask you to improve your plugin by making incoming and outgoing links available for cql-search. In the moment I am workarounding with combining the incoming links with a page property report which are combined by a table transformer macro where I merge these lists via sql. That’s resource intensive and much easier if I could ask the page property report for a filter attribute like “incomingLinksTarget = foo:bar” or “outgoingLinksTarget= foo:bar”. It is a valuable and underestimated data correlation that not many wiki users are aware of.

To describe our use case: Our communication department changes its process of web content generation to collaborative work in Confluence. The desired effect is that we collect publications no matter what channel we used: internet web portal, Facebook, print media etc. Instead of organizing with lots of pages with page property reports we want to show the publications on every wiki page. We want the communicators to simply link the pages representing the topics: our organizational units, our projects, our software, our partner organizations, and our scientific topics. Instead of using a lot of labels linking makes it much easier. But we like to show also the publication date and name of the media where it was published. We have this in the page properties but the report cannot address the incoming or outgoing links as it is no available cql filter.

That would level the importance of your plugin as no other plugin and not Confluence itself provides that data that directly links contexts – the hidden gold treasure of wikis. You have the power to make it accessible!

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  • Jun 2 2023
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