Restrict page creation through Add Page and Add Page via Form macro to a certain user-group or inherit space/page permissions where macros are used

We are actively using Add Page via Form macro with a pre-defined Source = Live Template and pre-defined Parent.
We want to be able to restrict page creation to a certain user group. Or we would like to restrict page creation by having the same space/page permissions where Add Page macros are embedded.

Recently, we had to change Parent page permissions - edit permissions for the Parent and its sub-pages have been restricted to a particular user group. 
The Add Page via Macro is enabled from a page which has the same permission scheme as the Parent page. 
Is there any way to restrict page creation via the Add Page Macro only for the user group with the edit permissions for the pages referred above?

The case was discussed in SRSUP-6213

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  • Aug 6 2019
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