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As a user I want to embed a range of data sets in a google sheet not the entire file

As a user I want to embed just a range of data in google sheet not the whole file. Can you provide the following options in the Embed Google Sheet macro:

  1. Select a file

  2. Select a tab or select a region (for example TabA! A4:D70) or a 'View' of the sheet (If the sheet has multiple 'views', then we should be able to select one of them)

  3. Show header row: Yes/No

  4. Show sheet name of the selected sheet/ region/ view

  5. Provide download option: Yes/No

  6. Select access to viewers: Edit/ View only/ Comment only

Controls: After saving the Confluence page, currently there are controls on the bottom-right corner to Switch account, Edit, and Download. Of these, clicking Edit opens the sheet and only people with Edit access can edit the page. However, showing the Edit option on the Confluence page should be in the control of the person creating/editing the page. If I don't want people to even think of editing the source file, I should be able to hide the Edit option.

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  • Jun 24 2021
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