Add lazy loading functionality to deck/card macros

Page loading performance could be improved by adding lazy loading capability to the deck/card macros.

Some of our users create very complex pages using deck/card. The pages would load faster and the overall load on the application would be lower if each tab was only loaded when selected.

It sometimes seems like our users are trying to use deck/card macros to make a Confluence page look like a website - they want everything to display on one page instead of requiring readers to move from one page to another. 

Example use cases from our instance:

* a page that provides a tabbed release report which queries data out of a database using custom macros - all data queries on all tabs have to run when you view the page, while you may only need to look at one or two of the tabs

* a page that uses the Office Connector macros to display Word, PPT, or Excel files on different tabs - all documents have to be rendered when you view the page, while you may only need to look at one or two

* a page that includes other Confluence pages on different tabs - all includes on all tabs have to be loaded when you view the page

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  • Apr 3 2019
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