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Allowing administrator to decide whether to reset approvals when page was changed / edited

From customer :

"We have several situations in which we Change an approved page, per example to correct a typing error or similar. Each time the approvals are resetted. Is there a possibility to give the Editor the choice to declare if he made a uncritical Change, so that the page is not resetted?"

Ticket : https://servicerocket.desk.com/web/agent/case/30671

  • Mervyn Toh
  • Sep 28 2016
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  • Ishan Hassija commented
    17 Nov, 2021 10:11am

    I am using Page approver plugin in confluence production instance. There was incident where I had to revert to confluence page version where we have approval from multiple users, unfortunately post revert to page version, status has been modified or showing as Pending approval. I think if someone has made changes accidently or unintentionally, we should have option to rollback to previous version where we have respective Page reviewer's approvals but as of now it is showing as Pending approval. We can also use Non-critical change or Revert to original option.

  • Robert Crain commented
    6 May, 2020 09:14pm

    We are getting somewhat random page approval resets that we can't explain and it causes our users to lose confidence in Confluence and the Page Approval macro. If we had the ability to toggle the change criteria on and off based on our rules that would help us understand what is going on. There are high level NASA managers we have to ask to reapprove a page that has not changed and we cannot provide rationale why it was unapproved. :-(

  • John Borgmann commented
    30 Oct, 2019 03:52pm

    I am also interested in this feature.  In our case, we're looking for a lean review process where we want the reviewers to indicate approval on a living document.  I'd like the macro to maintain the "last approved at v. [revision]".  That way, the reviewer or whoever is managing the page can view the page history to quickly determine whether there have been major or minor changes to the document that warrant raising the issue.  Since our use case is for purely internal use, we were hoping this addon can aid in communicating among the team without being rigid.  Thanks!

  • Greg Otto commented
    6 Sep, 2019 08:15pm

    I agree with Sanjeev in that we want to roll out Page Approval but cannot have the approval reset on page update as we do status synchronization with other apps to the pages.  This feature is crucial to our use of the plugin and ranks much higher in need than many of the current admin settings that are overkill.  How com this request is still sitting for 3 years now?

  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 04:20am

    This is very important feature. I am planing to disable Page Approval plug-in tomorrow for lack of this feature, 500+ users would have been able to use Page Approval if this was available.

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