Retaining approval after page is moved or when a previous version was restored

The current behavior of Page Approval is, when a page is moved to a new space/parent, the approvals on the page will reset. A customer said that they'd prefer to have the approvals to remain on the page instead of being reset,.

  • Adrien Low
  • Sep 8 2016
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  • Guest commented
    14 Oct, 2020 02:16pm

    I think it would be great if users get to choose whether or not a Move Page event should result in an unapprove (in the macro settings).

    1. Scenario:
      User creates a page, adds page approval macro and chooses (the new) 'Move page retains page approval' option

    2. Page is approved

    3. User moves the page to another parent and/or space

    Result: Page is still approved.

    I don't vote for the version restore to leave the approval unaffected. Restoring a version really alters the content and should thus result in unapproval.
    But maybe you mean to say that when a user changes an approved page, the user should be able to restore to the approved version and the approval should be restored as well.


    1. User creates a page, adds page approval macro (page version 1)

    2. Page is approved (version 1)

    3. User edits the approved page (version 2)

    4. Page is unapproved (version 2)

    5. User reverts the page back to version 1

    6. Page is approved again (because version 1 was approved)

  • Janet Waller commented
    24 Sep, 2020 08:42pm

    We are using the Approval macro as part of our change management process and really need to be able to revert to the version with the all of the approvals as proof. Please consider this feature. thanks

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