As a user, I should receive an automatic notification when the page becomes expired

At the moment, when a page becomes un-approve due to expiry time configured, no notification is sent.  The page become un-approved from approved. 

When editing a page, the state of approved page becomes un-approve and a notification is sent.  Therefore, when a page is automatically become un-approve, no notification is sent. 

To set up. 

  1. create a page with page approval, and set the page to expire in 2 minutes (see image 1.png)
  2. All the approvals approve the page.
  3. After two minutes, the page will become un-approve due the time expiry (see image 2.png)
  4. There is no notification sent

This request is for page-approval add-on to trigger notification when a page becomes un-approve due to expiry time/date. 

  • Immanuel Siagian
  • Jan 7 2020
  • Needs review
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