Page approval report should be able to pull from all Spaces

The current approval report is of very limited use as it only refers to that Space. A list of approvals/acknowledgements outstanding should be visible to a user in the same way outstanding tasks are. This would be useful for the user and also for admins to see what approval are outstanding across the company.

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  • Nov 18 2019
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  • Roland Bartussek commented
    26 May 06:59am

    Workaround to pull approvals from other spaces is to include page excerpts in a central page - but for a larger number of spaces this is very uncomfortable and error prone. More important and limiting is the bug in the approval report macro, that the number of displayed results is limited to 100 hits!!!

    This is a not-to-understand limitation and makes the whole page approval solution unusable for serious business usage.

  • Renee Lyons commented
    1 Oct, 2020 01:37pm

    This would greatly help me review pages as a system admin that are using the add-on macro.

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